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Apache PDFBox Java Library 0

Convert PDF files to images with Apache PDFBox?

Apache PDFBox is open source Java library for working with PDF files. This library allows processing on PDF files in many ways. I am using this for converting PDF files to images. I used...


How to install elasticsearch on windows?

Elacticsearch installation on windows. Elasticsearch is developed in Java and is released as open source under the terms of the Apache License. You can install elasticsearch on windows too as I installed it for...

Vim commands 0

Vim commands

Vim is a text editor written by Bram Moolenaar. Its based on the vi editor common to Unix-like system. Following are commands for vi/vim. Cursor movement h – move left j – move down...


Run custom query in symfony 1.2 with propel

Sometimes we require to execute complex query in symfony 1.2 with propel. For this following code can be used. $rowObj will have result of your given query. You can check it via var_dump or...