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How to get add to cart URL in Magento?

For add to cart button there is a function setLocation called on click in which URL, product id and quantity passed. Share this…FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinTumblr


“El is null” alert message in magento 1.5.1

When I tried to insert widget on cms page then there was error message el is null. This is because of a forward slash is missing in lib/Varien/Data/Form/Element/Editor.php on line number 202. Copy that...


Images are not appearing in magento cms editor

I worked on a magento project on which cms images were not appearing in editor and also on front end. CMS editor was getting image urls like http://your-websitelink.com/media//imagename.ext because of double slashes (//) images...


How to export products from magento?

Click on Systems > Import/Export > Export Select Products from dropdown. Then all attributes will be loaded as following. At bottom of that page click on Continue. A pop up will open to save...


How to move My Cart block in left sidebar?

My cart block can easily be shown on left sidebar by editing checkout.xml file which is in app/design/frontend/your-theme/layout/checkout.xml Look for following lines… And change name=”right” to name=”left” Save file and refresh your site. DONE..!!!!...


Create discount coupons in magento.

Click on Shopping Cart Price Rules under Promotions Click on Add New Rule button that is right hand side. Enter your Rule Name, select Websites and select Customer Groups you can specify any rule...


How to set table rates shipping method in magento?

1. Select Configuration from System tab. 2. Select Main Website from Current Configuration Scope dropdown that is on left side. 3. Select Shipment Methods from Sales section that is in left side bar. 4. From Table Rates tab...