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Install JupyterLab with Python 3 on Windows

JupyterLab is the web based interface for Jupyter. JupyterLab enables you to work with documents and activities such as Jupyter Notebooks. In this post we are going to use this for Jupyter Notebooks. For...

AWS Amplify Auth Update 0

How to change AWS Amplify Authentication UI?

In this article, I will show you how you can change AWS Amplify Auth UI for SignUp. AWS Amplify makes it easy to develop mobile and web applications. Its framework which manages and easily...

Screen options on Add/Edit posts 0

How to create custom shortcode in WordPress?

Shortcode in WordPress. In WordPress we can create custom shortcodes and we can show its output anywhere on the site. To create a shortcode, we will use WordPress built in function add_shortcode(), this function...