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How to use whereHas() and with() in laravel 8?

Sending email campaigns using Laravel

Sending email campaigns, newsletters, drip campaigns using Laravel with Mailcoach v4 Mailcoach is a powerful Laravel package for all things email, and v4 now includes campaigns, newsletters, and drip campaigns. The post Sending email...

How to use whereHas() and with() in laravel 8?

Prohibited Validation Rules in Laravel

Laravel 8 has three new “prohibited” validation rules. Let’s walk through a few examples of where these rules are useful, and look at each one in more detail. The post Prohibited Validation Rules in...

How to use whereHas() and with() in laravel 8?

wrk – a HTTP benchmarking tool

wrk is a modern HTTP benchmarking tool capable of generating significant load when run on a single multi-core CPU. It combines a multithreaded design with scalable event notification systems such as epoll and kqueue....

How to use whereHas() and with() in laravel 8?

Laravel Octane

Taylor Otwell gave Laracon Online 2021 attendees a first glimpse of Laravel Octane. Here’s everything we learned from his demo. The post Laravel Octane appeared first on Laravel News. Join the Laravel Newsletter to...

PHP 8 has been released 0

PHP 8 has been released. What’s new in PHP 8?

PHP 8 has been released and it have some major updates. There is many new features and optimizations including union types, constructor property promotion, named arguments, attributes, match expression, JIT, nullsafe operator and improvements...

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