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How to get value from PHPExcel_RichText Object?

Get Value from PHPExcel_RichText Object We can read and create excel, csv files from phpexcel library. While reading excel file with phpexcel, you might get richtext object like following. We can’t simply get PHPExcel_RichText...


How to show debug output in browser console in php?

While debugging php code we might need to use print_r() or var_dump() functions with exit or die, as in following code but by following code page will not render completely because exit or die...


How to hide notices and warnings in php?

You can add following code on top of your php file. I had warnings and notices on joomla 2.5.11 site, I added following code in index.php file and it works. StumbleUpon0TwitterFacebook0


array_reverse in PHP

array_reverse is one of array functions in php. It takes an input array and returns a new array with the order of the elements reversed. It can take two parameters first is array that...


Jquery ajax validation using remote rule.

The remote rule can be used to validate through ajax call. Field value will be passed through data and the return value to the script that is on url. You can specify data type...


Contact us form not sending email: magento

I was working on a magento site and setup contact form but that wasn’t sending email, just posted on contact us page and not showing any message whether email sent or not. I check...


Date Addition and Subtraction in PHP

While development, you might need to add or subtract date from other date. It’s very easy via PHP date and strtotime functions. Following are few examples. Add 2 Months in current date. You can...

Create sub domains on apache localhost. 1

Create sub domains on apache localhost.

Today I will tell you how to create sub domains on your localhost system using apache. It’s very easy just need to follow few steps. Decide sub domains that you want to create. I...