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How to set table rates shipping method in magento?

1. Select Configuration from System tab. 2. Select Main Website from Current Configuration Scope dropdown that is on left side. 3. Select Shipment Methods from Sales section that is in left side bar. 4. From Table Rates tab...


Magento has released new stable version

Magneto has stable release new stable version 1.6.0 on 18 August 20, 2011. Major Highlights : Minimum Advertised Price. Persistent Shopping Cart. Shipping Integration with Label printing support. Improvements XmlConnect package release v21 Order...


How to disable categories from magento database?

In table “eav_attribute” and find the attribute_id that’s associated with is_active and then look for the attribute_id value in catalog_category_entity_int there you will find a value Boolean. Share this…FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedin


Remove check from phone field in magento

Open table “eav_attribute” set “is_required = 0, for the attribute_code “telephone” Open files billin.phtml and shipping.phtml both will be located in “app\design\frontend\yourtheme\default\template\checkout\onepage” Now open Abstract.php located at “app\code\core\Mage\Customer\Model\Address” and comment on following lines Share...