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Bootstrap 4 is coming

Bootstrap is very famous HTML, CSS, JS framework that is widely used to build responsive and non-responsive web sites. It makes very easy to setup responsive layouts. Now its version 4 is going to...

DD_roundies JavaScript Library 0

Rounded corners in IE browsers:

JQuery UI has many features one of them is rounded corners that uses CSS3’s border-radius property. Unfortunately it is not browser compatible; it is supported by FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera but not supported...


How to hide and show div content in jquery?

jQuery is javascript library. It has many plugins for opensource applications as well as for static sites. This is very simple tutorial to hide and show div content. For doing code in jquery we...

How to remove button text in IE7? 0

How to remove button text in IE7?

Negative text-indent isn’t working in IE7 to remove button text but you can apply text-transform: capitalize with text-indent property. Following is code snippet. HTML code: CSS: Share this…FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedin